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Managed WordPress Hosting

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Managed WordPress Hosting

We offer a range of managed wordpress hosting packages – Your website should be one of your most valuable business assets, a successful website will bring you extra business, if your site is not available on the internet then this will affect your business. It is therefore important that you protect your investment by ensuring that downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.


Our professional managed WordPress hosting & support packages include the following:

Website Server Hosting

We will provide a webserver and on-line storage space on reliable UK based servers as part of your support agreement. 

Database Server Hosting

Our websites require a database in order to function.– As part of your support agreement we will host your database on one of our fully supported servers at no extra cost.

Website backups

To protect your investment we will regularly backup your complete website for you. We will also provide a facility to enable you to update your website at any time (handy if you are doing some serious updates to the website)

Website Analytics support

track website visitors with graphical website statistics.

Access to Support Desk

Help and assistance in setting up and managing your website. 

System update management

Ensures your website and additional modules* receive security updates and functionality enhancements. 

Ongoing software licensing

The ongoing cost of licensing, and technical support for all supplied software is covered in your support agreement. 

Website Security

Your website will be hosted on a secure server with a comprehensive set of security software added and supported as standard as part of your support agreement.

Enhanced system support Option

WebHunter offer an enhanced level of service for customers with ecommerce and business critical websites. 



Managed WordPress Hosting Services

Website Hosting

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Website Hosting

All Websites need to be hosted on a server connected to the Internet. The Webservers used by WebHunter are located in the datacentre of a tier one hosting provider which ensures that your website is connected directly onto the backbone of the Internet and therefore has the fastest and most efficient connection possible.


Database Server

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Database Server

WordPress and other dynamic content management systems require a database in order to function. Databases are also used by many specialist plugin modules, ie Online calendars, booking systems etc – As part of your support agreement we will provide and manage this for you on one of our database servers.


Site Backups

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Site Backups

Your website services package includes a managed backup service. Unlike many Web service providers we provide a managed backup and restore service for individual websites. This includes archiving of backups to ensure that site corruptions not reported immediately can still be recovered and returned to their previous working state.


Analytics Support

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Full support and help with any website statistical analysis packages (ie Google Analytics, Statcounter etc) set up by us will be provided as part of your support agreement. We can even embed your analytics package into your website backoffice system!


Website Support

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Our standard support desk hours are Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm (excluding bank holidays), although all of our servers are supported 24 x 7, 365 days per year by our datacentre support team. Business critical support is available as an option.


Software Updates

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All of our websites are checked and any security or enhancement updates are processed and applied in real time where and when required. Ensuring your website is always running at maximum efficiency and your site benefits by utilising the latest state of the art technology.


Software Licensing

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Many premium website frameworks and plugin modules require annual fees to cover licensing, updates and technical support, if applicable, the ongoing cost of these will be covered in your support agreement.

Please note: This service is only applicable to websites provided by WebHunter – 3rd Party website software will need to be audited before being considered for support.

Website Security

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The security of your website is our top priority.  All of our websites are hosted on a secure  server with a comprehensive set of security software added and supported as standard  as part of your support agreement.

Over 50% of WordPress websites are hacked because  a plugin module or theme has not been updated to the latest version so all of our hosted websites update your software in real time  to maximise security

Critical Support

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E Commerce and Business critical websites require a higher level of support and protection to reduce the risk to businesses that rely heavily on their website. It is important that your website is backup up on a more regular basis to ensure that you do not lose track of past orders and important customer information or. WebHunter offer enhanced levels of support and protection to minimise the risk on business critical websites.

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