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Our paid search marketing services enables you to pay for the top positions on major search engines. (google, bing etc) Pay-per-click advertising providing you with a steady stream of traffic to your website and can work alongside your existing organic SEO strategy to get your message in front of the people who are searching for you products and services


PPC marketing is the fastest way to promote your business to people looking for your products or services on search engines. And by carefully measuring results you can fine tune your ads and your web pages to significantly increase the amount of business you receive from the Internet.

OUR Paid search marketing services

Throwing money at a range of related keywords just does not work. Effective PPC management ensures you use highly targeted, cost effective keywords together with focused PPC ads linked to appropriate landing pages with clear calls to action to maximise the return from your advertising.


We create a PPC campaign that brings results. To do this we need to know your business and your USP’s as well as your competitors and industry sectors. Then together we develop a strategy that delivers tangible results.


Google AdWords is the most effective method of PPC advertising with 87.7% of all UK Internet searches in 2021. (Statista 2021) We can create effective marketing campaigns which will place your website in front of potential customers. Our processes will also complement help to develop and improve your existing SEO strategy.


Bing – the search engine from Microsoft – held a 8.39 percent share of the search market in the United Kingdom (UK) as of June 2021 (Statista 2021) and is the second largest  search engine behind google.
If you want to make full use of your marketing opportunities it makes sense to apply a portion of your marketing budget to Bing Ads thereby targeting 96% of people searching for your products or services on the Internet

Web Marketing Campaign Management


We use class leading technologies and techniques to ensure that you are targeting the most appropriate AND cost effective keywords and therefore not wasting advertising spend.


To get the right traffic at the lowest possible cost we fine tune and continually test your search engine ads so they are totally focused on your PPC keywords, contain a strong call to action and link to an appropriate landing page on your website.